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Average Sales for the Company year over year was ~$750k in gross sales in pre-pandemic years Average net income for the Company was over $300k year over year in pre-pandemic years Foundation with manufacturer and with retailers very well established - just needing directed effort With established foundation Company is able to generate easily 10x gross sales in a short period of time Seller is retirement age where income pre-covid can be very easily created and exceeded with relatively little effort This is in presentation of a well-established and seasoned medical instrument and diagnostic supply Company who has in the past, and is currently offering supplies to worldwide Gov’ts and organizations, including the US Gov’t. Since opening their doors over 20 years ago the Company has been able to identify and create the necessary relations with only the most optimal suppliers for maintaining a reputation of quality while maintaining an outstanding profit margin. It is these factors this while developing strategies and sales channels that the Company has been able to boast $3MM-$4MM in gross sales in it’s pre-covid years sales. As with more than half of all businesses in the US being affected by Covid, witnessing a massive downturn in sales for the Company, and merged with the Seller in essence finding the downturn related to Covid as a sign of the times for beginning his retirement (well-past retirement age), this opportunity creates a loss for the Seller and a strong potential for gain for a new Owner. Key Investment Considerations: -Turn key system and strong foundation for growth -Single Owner – very nimble Company and can either be grown to bring on personal or hire independent contractors -Strong growth potential and strategies that have been clearly defined and identified by the Seller -NO DEBT -Strong customer and referral base years of premium service offering leading reputation for quality products and pricing -Strong relationships with Wholesalers and Vendors -20+ years in the making -Strong process for instilling R&D and maintaining a high level of Quality Control (aka QC) -Approved Vendor and supplier to a number of Governmental and Semi-Governmental agencies -Fully OSHA compliant along with offering additional training for all employees -With the ability to tout a 70%-90% gross profit margin (depending on product), the Company is able to generate a very healthy profit margin -In merging of the Company technologies, Chicago a near proprietary process and strong value proposition for customers, the Company has been able to set themselves apart in a number of ways from the competition to remain highly profitable and in a position to expand and take advantage of growth opportunities within their market The Company and brand are very well established and only needing a directed effort related to marketing and the Company can far exceed past sales levels. With proper marketing and pursuant to bidding on available contracts there are massive growth opportunities available to a new Owner. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information: Facilities: Not available, would need new Company location. Competition: Yes, however processes have been able to in a number of ways keep the Company ahead of competition. Growth & Expansion: Abundant growth opportunities; little no marketing up to this point, flip of a switch and Company can experience a significant growth expected 10x in the years to come. Financing: Depending on offer and structure may be acceptable. Support & Training: As needed. Reason for Selling: Retirement.

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