A very high quality brand for restoration services is available for majority or 100% acquisition. They're looking to take on an investor and continue growing the business.

The business has scaled very quickly over the last 3 years. Very unique ability to support significant growth in short-term business from disasters, but has regular restoration business through insurance carriers - huge part of helping frachisees grow quickly.

They want help scaling to 50+ franchisees quickly and they have a pipeline of francishee candidates.

TTM EBITDA is currently slightly negative. Franchisees are making money very quickly, but the parent entity needs to scale franchise locations to become profitable.

The operations/admin staff is built out and they're a well oiled machine to support growth.

I know and respect the CEO/founder. He wants to keep working, stay in the business, and really scale the brand. Let me know if any investors would like to discuss!

They're looking to do a deal in the next ~90 days.