1. Re-engaging stale or forgotten leads

It’s not enough to just have a sales CRM. One of our clients is sitting on $MMs of revenue because there’s no coordination or strategic alignment between sales and marketing. We’re working with those teams to create shared KPIs, and integrate/automate those workflows to maximize their effectiveness. As a result, they’re growing revenue without increasing cost of sales (ie, lower customer acquisition cost).

2. Investing in sales enablement

We often see businesses struggle to meaningfully grow their business because their sales team is inundated with the tasks and responsibilities of servicing inbounds/referrals. Sales processes may vary by business, but the internal tasks associated with generating new revenue are mostly repeatable. Automating sales workflows increases sales production without increasing sales headcount, by enabling them to focus on more valuable, higher quality leads.

3. Automating financial operations

Our clients and many of the businesses we’ve evaluated are still managing financial operations with pen and paper. Things like digitizing payments, automating invoicing, and automating accounts receivable reduce your cash conversion cycle and improve working capital efficiency.

Some helpful tools and references to better understand these types of opportunities:

- “What is Revenue Operations and How Does it Create Value?” - Revenue Enablement Institute

- “How revenue operations can unlock value in deals” - PwC

- Revenue Grid - a revenue intelligence platform

- [Podcast] “The Power of Revenue Operations for Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses”

We have experience solving these problems and more and we're offering managed revenue operations services to CEOs of small businesses.

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