In this video, tech entrepreneur, Linda Rose, shares what she learned from getting acquired three times. If you're interested in learning the secrets to getting acquired, watch this interview (and) buy her book, "Getting Acquired for Millions - Amazon. Linda shares some of the things you can do to increase your chances of being acquired for higher valuations.


00:00 Intro to Linda Rose

01:40 The "All Cash Sale details

04:32 Why be an M&A Advisor - The inspiration for writing the book the 500 mile journey

07:38 How did you know you "left money on the table?"

09:21 Broker and PE Lessons

10:05 How did you find your first M&A Advisor clients

10:58 The problem with Cash based Accounting vs Accrual based

13:07 How Accrual based accounting transformed the clients bottom line

13:49 How know the client is truly motivated to sell

15:37 How to work on creating a transformational exits

16:14 More acquisition stories - 12 Offers

18:30 How to do sell if you have HIGH customer concentration risk

19:43 Women owned "Multiples" risk

22:16 Why she "niched" to tech

24:14 Reps & Warranties Insurance for MSPs

24:50 Real Estate Collateral issues with a sale

27:22 How many hours do you work as M&A Advisor

28:56 What sellers don't think about the final exit number

31:24 What if seller has lots of cash on balance sheet

32:13 How Linda gets paid as M&A Advisor - How she walks with sellers