Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC, a boutique commercial loan brokerage firm based in Madison, Wisconsin, has helped 2 entrepreneurs with obtaining approval on 3 acquisitions this week.

Below is a synopsis of each approval:

Business Acquisition (Arizona) - Client A

Facility A: $1.5 million SBA 7(a) loan ➡️ Acquisition loan ➡️ 90% bank financing ➡️ 5% seller full standby note ➡️ 5% buyer cash

Facility B: $150K SBA Express Line of Credit

Business Acquisitions in (California) - Client B

Facility A: ➡️ $2.43 million (including ~ $225k of cash to the balance sheet) ➡️ 89% bank financing ➡️ 5.5% seller full standby note ➡️ 5.5% buyer equity

Facility B: ➡️ $180k (including ~ $24k of cash to the balance sheet) ➡️ 90% bank financing ➡️ 10% buyer equity

If you are looking to buy a business as a self-funded searcher, please reach out to me via email at I would love to help with getting your deal approved!


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