I am a first year MBA student at Carnegie Mellon with three years of corporate finance experience. I am very passionate about pursuing a search post grad, but am afraid I might be pursuing a path that is out of my depth with not only the ability to secure funding, but also the ability to execute a deal, and the largest hurdle of earning the respect and confidence of a workforce as a junior leader. Would really appreciate advice or insights one what I should do to pursue this path.

For general background.

Graduated undergrad with double major in Finance and Accounting
Worked corporate FPA at a $300MM Rev/year manufacturing plant for 3 years.
Father owned a small 8 person electrical contracting company growing up, and was able to witness not only the day to day and growth of the business but also the deal process of them exiting 4 years ago. This "micro" experience has been a motivator for my passion to search.

Please let me know if you have any questions and would be happy to share.