2024 is poised to be a very strong year for acquisitions.
To support my clients, fellow searchers, and the M&A community, I have compiled an M&A Cheat Sheet covering all aspects of Business Acquisitions.

The cheat sheet includes the various stages of the search process, such as:

1) COMPANY ANALYSIS: · Financial Health: Profitability (Gross/Net Margin), Liquidity (Current/Quick Ratio), Leverage (Debt-to-Equity), · Business Model: Revenue Streams, Cost Structure, Competitive Advantages. · Management Team: Background, Achievements, Stake in Company. 2) VALUATION TECHNIQUES: · DCF, Cash Flow Projections, Terminal Value. · Market-Based: P/E, P/S, EV/EBITDA. · Asset-Based: Adjusted Net Asset Value
and much more!

This cheat sheet provides a high-level overview, encapsulating the key elements of each section in a concise and digestible format. It is designed to be a quick reference guide, offering a snapshot of the most crucial aspects to consider during the M&A process.

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