Search Investment Group (SIG) is proud to announce the release of the 2023 Self-funded Search Study.

This report is free of charge and can be downloaded directly from the Search Investment Group website:

This 72-page study is a first-of-its-kind effort to gather information from currently searching, operating, and exited self-funded searchers to provide helpful insights to the community. We believe this survey to be the largest, comprehensive study ever conducted on the self-funded search community and will serve as an invaluable resource to prospective and current self-funded searchers.

Some insights included in the report:

- Demographics of Searchers including age at initiation of search, professional and educational backgrounds

- Search Phase Structure including duration of search phase, target EBITDA ranges, average cost of living, sourcing strategy, target industries / industry strategy, proprietary outreach strategy and more

- Acquisition Source and Scale including Revenue / EBITDA of acquisitions, acquisition multiples, industries of acquisition, time elapsed from identification to closing the acquisition and transaction expenses (QoE, Legal)

- Debt and Equity Financing terms including sources of financing, total leverage of the acquisition, seller note terms (% of purchase price, interest, term, etc.), equity sources, equity terms, and equity retained by the searcher

- Post-closing Operations including board composition, first-year salaries, post-close relationships with the sellers, and post-closing performance

- Investor and Searcher Returns (IRR, MOIC and net proceeds)

Also, check out the Acquiring Minds Podcast that was released today where the SIG Partners discuss the report with Will Smith