I found ^Searchfunder member‌ here on Searchfunder.

Back in February 2020, Bruce posted Reflections On First Week As CEO.

Awesome essay; I encourage you to read it.

I wanted to have Bruce on Acquiring Minds to get an update, now almost exactly 2 years ago to the day that he acquired LuXout Stage Curtains.

Couldn't be happier with our conversation. Some highlights:

* Using BizBuySell for the search

* Quitting proprietary search & going 100% brokered

* Choosing to buy a business after losing 3 jobs in a row

* Buying a biz that serves schools...1 month before COVID hits

* The meaning of business ownership as a Black man

* Day 1, when 25 faces are staring back at you

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"Overcoming a Career Rut by Buying a Business"

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