Hi all - if anyone is considering a rollup strategy in the e-commerce SaaS space, we are selling www.appregator.io.

Revenue: $625k
Adj. EBITDA: $326k
Asking Price: $1.8m (5.5x Adj. EBITDA)

Although we continue to find the opportunity highly compelling and capable of significant scale, we are unfortunately no longer in a position to keep running the business ourselves.

Here is more background on the strategy - https://underscore.vc/blog/why-we-invested-appregator/. We have developped a highly automated sourcing strategy and strong brand in this niche space, as well as a fully outsourced tech and customer support team that could continue with a new buyer.

We currently own an asset-light portfolio of two Shopify apps. See below for acquire.com listings, with more details on each.


Our preference would be to sell the company as a whole, but we are open to selling each app separately.

Please reach out to our broker, Attila Hardy --@----.com with any inquiries. Detailed financials and CIMs are available upon signing the NDA.