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You found a deal that seems like it’s right for you. You submitted your LOI. Now it’s time to enter diligence. There’s plenty of data to review and digest. Where should you start?

After years of evaluating deals, I've found that these are the most important, must-ask questions to ensure you’re making a great deal.

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Must-Ask Financial Questions

1) Are the financial statements from the source?

2) What do tax returns say about the company’s assets and expenses?

3) Are any salaries deflated?

4) What is the market value of the inventory?

5) Does the pricing structure make sense?

6) What is the trajectory of the industry and market segments?

7) How does the local market affect how the company does business?

8) What can you expect from the customer base?

9) How much has the company historically spent on advertising?

10) Who owns the sales relationship?

11) What do current Accounts Payable tell you about liabilities?

12) What do current Accounts Receivable tell you about customers?

13) What marketing strategies have worked in the past?

If you’re a seasoned acquisitions entrepreneur, what questions would you add to this list?