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12 Year Old Cruelty Free Mens, Womens & Kids Apparel Brand – DTC eCommerce, Wholesale & Retail Sales Channels – Very Strong Social Following Website Closers® presents a flourishing Brand in the Outerwear & Apparel Vertical, with a niche focus on Vegan and Cruelty-Free Clothing. This ethical fashion brand was founded on the belief that what we wear should look and feel great and champion positive contributions to a better tomorrow. Founded in 2010, this Brand entered the North American market as a wholesale business with a simple vision: to make comfortable, stylish, vegan and cruelty-free outerwear and apparel widely accessible. The Brand offers apparel for Women, Men, Kids and Dogs. The company has a heavy focus on Outerwear, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. The brand has a wide range of offerings that make it a complete clothing company, capable of fulfilling any need a retailer, wholesaler or consumer might need. This is especially important since they are focused on those discerning shoppers that care about animals and want to ensure the products they offer are free from the cruel means sometimes used to test products on animals. From Vegan Sherpas to Vegan Fur, Vests and Puffers, the products look and feel great – no decrease in quality is present even though the products are cruelty-free. Best-selling items include, but are not limited to, outerwear, knits, wovens, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories. The company went digital in 2016 and launched its own Direct to Consumer eCommerce platform. Soon after, they rolled out their first pop-up store at a premier fashion destination in Canada. In 2021, the arrival of six more locations in another city was announced, including a handful in a third city. More pop-ups and permanent stores are soon to come. The company boasts an excellent $250 average order value and tremendous social media presence. The brand has harnessed the power of social media by utilizing influencer marketing to its 90,000 Instagram and 32,000 Facebook followers. Additionally, an email database of 100,000+ customers exists. The brand enjoys sales through DTC (29%), wholesale (46%), retail (17%), and dropshipping (8%). It comes packed with popular styles, with no concentration on any SKUs, and is an ideal acquisition for an ambitious buyer with expertise in retail. The company is made up of a team of animal lovers driven by the belief that building a better world starts by making smarter decisions today. The brand has said farewell to animal by-products because vegan and cruelty-free is core to this idea, and they source innovative textiles and sustainable goods. What they say, they mean, and whenever possible will do what it takes. This is another example of an
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