In this episode of the Top M&A Entrepreneurs podcast, host Jon Stoddard interviews Nick Hasckha of Cub Investments about small business acquisitions.


00:00 Intro

00:27 Call to Acquisition Adventure

04:50 How he raised money

05:45 Where he found his first deal

07:15 How he chose his business partner

09:19 His business acquisition thesis

10:15 First acquisition metrics

11:43 Being the only sales guy - didn't know the names of the plants he is selling

12:47 Expenses - paying themselves - from tech to SMB

13:44 Tuck-ins - Buying a Competitor Book of Business

15:44 Tuck-in multiples - costs

17:44 Funding out of balance sheet + seller notes

19:10 San Francisco COVID brutal reckoning - the solution

21:30 Voting for higher salary

22:23 Fixing & Selling the Landscaping Acquisition - Why we sold

25:23 What they are looking for now - macro thesis & Luxury of time

27:05 Making Mistakes - not knowing what you don't see

29:01 looking at the water/R&D/Labor industries - picks & shovels & not scalable

32:05 Switching roles at Cub Investments & designing software for the business

35:56 How Nick has changed - who Nick is today