To all the searchers out there who've been successful in acquiring a business, an often overlooked aspect to running and growing a business are looking for tax credits. F500 companies leverage strategies all the time to keep their effective tax rates near zero that most Main Street businesses are completely unaware of.

One of my companies, Project Blue, specializes in helping businesses identify, file for and redeem various Federal, State and Local tax Credits, Rebates and Incentives. 99% of CPAs are not checking for these types of programs that our software and CPAs are trained to look for. The average business we work with saves about $60k, but the average business in the Searchfund realm has been around 2-3x that simply because of larger average sizes. These are a combination of ongoing savings, as well as historical lookbacks, meaning you'll have ongoing savings, as well as you can look forward to a check back from the government with many of the programs we help file for.

Unless you're already working with a Big 4, possibly Big 8 accounting firm, and paying them a lot of money to explore these programs, you're almost guaranteed to be sitting on money. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to shoot me an email [redacted] or a DM, I can forward more information for you to explore it with you and your finance teams. Our fee structure is entirely performance based so there's no risk to explore.