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10 Year eCommerce Brand – Women’s Fashion Apparel, Shoes & Accessories – Over 1 Million Social Media Followers – Huge Brand Ambassador & Affiliates Program – Super Sticky 44% Repeat Order Rate Website Closers® presents an experienced eCommerce brand that offers trendy, affordable women’s apparel, shoes and accessories. This business was started up in 2012 and has grown in popularity with its customer base for that entire time. The company offers a diverse range of over 1,500 active SKUs on its website. Their marketing strategy effectively utilizes social media to advertise their brand, leading to over 1 million followers across their accounts, and over 8 million website sessions in 2021 alone. Their product line consists largely of everyday clothes such as graphic tops, sweaters, dresses, and jeans. However, they also supply shoes and accessories like hats and sunglasses. They also have several children’s options, letting them access a demographic that other brands might neglect. The vast number of SKUs at their disposal means that they can keep what they offer on their website fresh and interesting, thus encouraging customers to buy their favorites before they go out of stock. The company sources its products from a few select manufacturers, along with its own in-house line that they have been steadily growing throughout the years. The high quality of their products, along with the consistent new releases every week, have led to glowing reception from their customers. They’ve achieved an Average Order Value of $72.22, as well as a remarkable 44% Repeat Customer Rate. They also have an email contact database with over 300,000 subscribers, giving their daily email campaign a truly massive audience. Their email campaign is not the only way that they bring in new sales. The company has active accounts on several social media platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. They make regular posts on all websites and engage with their audience to keep them interested and involved in the brand. This has work has led to a following of over 1 million across their accounts, along with a high number of sessions and visitors. Outside of the over 8 million sessions they had last year, they see an average of about 679,000 visitors every month, providing an insight into the popularity that this company has built up over the years. Seeing social selling as a massive opportunity in the fashion space, the company has empowered its loyal customer base to become Affiliates through a truly unique program, allowing thousands of dedicated ambassadors to earn commission by promoting the company’s products through social media. This dedicated sales force has brought tremendous growth to the company and creates opportunities for further expansion, even in categories outside of women’s apparel … meaning that this company could be a good bolt-on to another brand that might be in a completely different niche. The business could expand its affiliate program by hiring a PR firm to advertise it. The company’s focus on the Affiliate Program allows them to spend very little on paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, and currently aren’t doing any strategic paid marketing. This offers another opportunity for growth, as additional advertising would boost brand awareness and lead to a surge of new prospective customers. The company would also benefit from hiring on a digital marketing specialist to assist on this front, as a specialist could better analyze customer behavior and data and strategize around it. Outside of marketing, they could invest in bringing graphic tee design and production in-house. This would allow them to print on demand, and in doing so, lead to a higher annual profit margin, and even possibly several million in increased revenue. It would also let them build upon their line of branded products, giving them exclusive SKUs that can’t be found anywhere else. Another option for growth would be to expand onto other eCommerce platforms, as at the moment, they sell exclusively from their Shopify website. Well-known online retailers like Amazon and eBay have vast customer bases and selling from them would let the company take advantage of that popularity. Though they already sell in the US and Canada, pursuing further international expansion could also be worth considering as well. Selling in Europe, the UK, and other regions around the world would grant access to far more potential customers, and far more potential sales as a result. The Amazon platform offers a great way of exploring growth in other countries, as they have storefronts in many different global markets. The operation is supported by an on-site team including a seasoned VP, department leaders and a stellar customer service team. This team lets the owner focus on management and other daily tasks and keeps the business running smoothly overall. This acquisition is a valuable find, having already secured its place within an ever-growing niche. They have a decade’s worth of experience under their belt and an audience that is both massive, and massively loyal. Contact Michael Freedman or Michael Adams today so they can provide additional details. Asking Price- $20,000,000 Cash Flow- $4,584,939 Gross Income- $27,762,267 Year Established- 2012 Employees- 19

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