Hi guys,

I'm looking to build custom AI apps for PE firms/ Searchfunds to streamline their internal workflows, saving them time and money.

So, I'm curious: which part of the deal-making process do you think is most likely to be automated by apps based on the ChatGPT-API, and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Here's how I understand under each category:

  • Market Research + Data enrichment: examining industry trends, tracking competitors, and identifying potential target companies.
  • Financial Analysis/Modeling: development and maintenance of financial models such as DCF, comparable company analyses, and LBO models.
  • Due Diligence: gathering and analysis of information about a target company's financials, operations, customers, and legal matters.
  • Documents Preparation: preparation of M&A presentation materials, including information memorandums, pitch books, and management presentations.


    I want to break into the industry and am willing to offer free trials and massive discounts in exchange for short 1on1 User research interviews. (DM me if interested)