Did you miss THIS???

The recent changes to the SBA may be the greatest single BOOST to the Searcher/ETA community!!!

But instead of "telling you" what's up....let me just show you what I mean.

From now on, here's what a typical deal structure might look like.


- 81% Buyout (Searcher buy's majority stake in the business)

- 19% Seller Equity Rollover (the Seller does not have to PG the SBA loan)

- *ZERO money down!* (buying less than 100% helps resolve the LTV problem for some banks)

- Buyer has the option to call (or buy out) the Seller's remaining equity after 12 months at the original valuation multiple

{cue 'Happy Dance'}

Here's why this changes EVERYTHING...

(1) The Buyer (Searcher) gets to take out a smaller loan, put ZERO money down, and STILL gets a majority (controlling) stake in the business. Booyah!

(2) The Seller gets 81% upfront and STILL gets to stick around the business for a while longer....without having to PG the SBA loan.

(3) If the Buyer manages to successfully supercharge the business, he/she can STILL buy out the Seller's remaining 19% equity stake at the exact same valuation multiple from before.

Bob Dylan said it best: "times, they are a changin."

I am thrilled to see what happens NEXT!

- Grant