Gents (& ladies) - happy belated new year!

Since my original intro last November on a targeted, de-risked and profitable SE Asia search (partnered w/ prominent entrepreneur), I have received incredible contacts and messages - many of which lead to friendships if not also investors! 

So thank you and this forum for linking. Don't want to turn this into a marketing board but want to quickly invite search fund investors here to consider our strategy. A final ping for interested folks to join us if you will.

We are now 50%-70% funded (soft commits) near our initial launch target and want to shore up allocations by month end (rolling into quarter end max). 

While we remain globally opportunistic, our plan is on buying and operating assets in South East Asia that fit within our "strategic & synergistic" framework. The region, if searched properly, affords incredible upside with capped risk - but only if you do it right and have leverage (credit/operational) to pull locally. 

Our search provides that in spades - more details in PPM. 

Interested investors - please find me at [redacted] or my alum email [redacted] and we can discuss soon. 

Take care all, best of luck and if any searchers are here (Asia) or domestic (US) please say hello. Would love to learn & also collaborate where we can add value!