Have you ever been interested in a post on Searchfunder and want to find more like it? You can search or you can play tag.  Here's how:


1) Click the search posts field on the Timeline page.


2) Insert a search term.  Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase or multiple word tag.  Without quotes, the search will capture every article that uses any word in the search.


1)  When you scroll to the bottom of a post, you can click on its tag to find other articles under that tag.  

Or, you can click a tag under browse posts on the left side of your timeline.  


Posts are most beneficial to the community when they have been tagged.  Thus, we recommend providing at least 1 tag for each post.  When you create a new post,  you will be given a variety of tag options.  (+new post>> add tags).  

There are general, process, searcher-type and geographic tag designations.  To reduce tag clutter, it's important to tag articles with their most appropriate tag(s).  Generally, most posts will have no more than 2 or 3 tags. 

Here's some guidance to help you: 

  1. 1) Events = Networking: Due to their time sensitive nature, conferences, happy hours and meet-ups should be tagged only under networking, even if the expected content covers a variety subjects.   We also recommend creating an event on the right of your Timeline.  Here's the tip for the week on event creation. 

  2. 2)  Searchers = Be Specific: Only use searcher-type tags when the post is specifically about that type of searcher.  For example,  you could use the "#self-funded," "#traditional" and "#women in search" tags for a post about the pros and cons of starting a self-funded versus traditional search as a woman.

  3. 3) Geography = Be Specific: Only use geographic tags when the post is specifically about that geography.  Continuing with our example, suppose our female searcher is particularly asking about conducting each type of search in Brazil.  Then, it should be tagged with that geography.

  4. Thus, our hypothetical post is the rare situation where 4 tags are used to cover the process, searcher-type and geography.


If you are browsing by tag and discover a post that doesn't fit the tag, feel free to send a link to the post to ^Karen Spencer‌, ^Luke Tatone‌, or ^Mark Yuan‌.