• Started E-Comm Company. Sold more than $3mm of product at >30% Gross margin in less than 2 years
•1 year in private equity, which included significant operating experience across many dimensions of the Company (finance, sales, marketing, IT, HR). Worked directly with CEO and Board of $130mm top-line business on major topics of the Company while also driving them in person 
• 2 years investment banking developed a strong finance background, working 90+ hour weeks

Willing to walk away from current position (~$250k total comp) and willing to work for far less but with meaningful equity upside, if the opportunity and fit are there

Based in NYC currently, willing to move. 

26 years old, no significant other. Boston College graduate. Committed to achieving more and want to be a part of something great

Prefer not to use LinkedIn. Can reach me at [redacted]