I currently work for a software company doing corporate development/M&A (operate on Danaher's model). We acquire about 3-5 software companies per year and most of those are sourced directly by my team and me and have no bank involved. 

I'm very interested in starting a B2B software search fund in the next year but have a barrier of geographic inflexibility due to my wife's career. I've been talking to my manager about the possibility of running a play that was created by Vista Equity, buying a software business on one of the coasts and moving the key employees to Texas (or re-hiring). This seems to create a lot of operational risks and I'm interested to hear from investors and other searchers if you've come across this model. Another idea is to look only for software companies that have a remote workforce but this, obviously, decreases the size of the funnel.

Thank you in advance for any insight.