We just finished the first full review of our Search Fund journey (so far) since I started investing in the search fund asset in March 2017.  It has been a roller coaster of feelings and new experiences for all team as well as me. Of course, without the camaraderie with and great work of our searchers, collaborators and advisors, AI Management could not have been where it is today, and my team won't be so excited about what is coming.

First, I want to congratulate ^Daniel Di Cecco‌ and ^Fernando Guillem‌ of Sachem Partners as well as ^Thiago de Assis Silva‌ of Kinase Investments for becoming business owners. 

I am also proud of the work that our future business owners/searchers (^Tommaso Romanelli‌ of Tre Cime Capital, ^Alberto Betancourt‌ & ^Rafael Zambrano‌ of Infini Capital Partners, ^Joaquín Pardo‌ of Syna Capital, ^Bernardo Loitegui‌ of Quantico Capital Partners, ^Benjamin Schmitt‌ & ^Sean Smart‌ of Koru Nachfolge, ^Raja Prasanna‌ of RJ Capital Partners, ^Gerardo Montalti‌ & ^Jacobo Espinós‌ of Arista Partners and ^Javier González-Tovar‌ & ^Pedro Lago‌ of Vigia Capital) are doing at their respective geographies to acquire and manage a great nano-cap business.

We want to thank them all for letting us be part of the entrepreneurial path they chose to pursue. We are grateful that they are part of our family. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Danke, Gracias, Grazzie, Obrigado!